Atari section


In this section you will find my old discontinued Atari projects from my point of view.

Jaguar OS and dev Kit

May be you rmember the job done around the years 1997-2000 about the Atari Console Jaguar. The dedicated pages contents all stuff about this Kit, assembly source, GEM tools, ... Even it is discontinued from myself, may be someone will be interresting to do something from it.

Eiffel PS/2 adapter

This board is nowdays supported by Didier Mequignon . This project was designed around 2001-2002 years. I am very pleased that this project continues all these years and confirms the idea that open source project is the best choice.


Others GEM programs

This archive contents somes others GEM programs I realized a long time ago:

  1. Aads

  2. Asm6805

  3. Asmhc11

  4. Fun030

  5. Gemsight

  6. Install

  7. Joystick

  8. Nvram.


Laurent Favard, 2013